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Skew North

Coaching and Community for Neurodivergent Thriving

Why Skew North?

Because the following hits a lot closer to home than you may expect:
Things used to be easier for you. You used to go out after work, at least sometimes. You used to look forward to seeing your friends. You used to work on projects (even if you maybe struggled to finish them?) but these days you can’t remember the last time you weren’t honestly just trying to get through the day. You have managed to live a more-or-less functional life, but maybe you stopped telling yourself that you were just like everyone else a while ago now when that story got too hard to maintain. Or maybe you’re still struggling to admit that you know something is wrong.
But some part of you knows something is wrong. Life is only getting harder. It’s almost like you got really far really fast when you were younger and then just... everything else caught up. Maybe someone somewhere told you they thought you were Autistic, or ADHD - and you read up on that, but while some of it resonated other parts didn’t, and anyway you’re not disabled, right? You just... aren’t sure how much longer you can keep going. But surely you can just keep pushing through, right?
Stop. You’re in the right place. You don’t need any kind of diagnosis, if the above resonates let’s talk. Let me help you learn to get in touch with your full self. Let’s talk about resolving so that you can stop letting other people tell you who to be. Let’s do some to identify the ways in which you’ve actually caused harm, so that you can heal and grow beyond the person you were when you did that. Let’s build some
for you to use to navigate your own unique set of needs while respecting the needs of those around you. And let’s get you in with other people like you, because nobody heals alone.

Skew North is a novel neurodivergent community and coaching practice.

My goal here isn’t to build up a stable of regular clients - it’s to help as many people as I can in the ways I now understand how to do, and in the process empower them to help others. I’m not a trained therapist, I don’t take insurance, I’m not in any way certified - but I’ve spent years learning how to identify and then solve the problems that people like me face, and seem to appreciate my insights.

You may have encountered some of my projects in the wild - you can learn more here if you’re curious as to

I work from a framework that recognizes that the reason the problems we’re dealing with feel so intractable is because we were never meant to solve these problems alone. That’s not how humans are wired. When you’re different from everyone around you and nobody understands that, even if they want to, it causes real problems that manifest in every part of your life.
Coaching is one part of the solution - I can help you learn how to reframe the stories that are keeping you from healing. But that’s really hard to do in a vacuum - and the Community is the other part of that. You need to learn how to trust yourself, but to do that you need connection not just to a guide but to a community of others who are all figuring out what that means for them, and comparing notes, and supporting each other.
Neurodivergent Thriving requires you to reach internally to your whole self — but it also requires you to be grounded externally in a safe network of people who can help you navigate the complexity you find there.

There are plenty of people out there who are highly adept at teaching you coping strategies and adaptive skills to successfully navigate modern life as a neurodivergent person.
That’s not, generally speaking, what I do - though we can of course go there as is helpful.
My practice is instead rooted in addressing something called (👈 that’s a link, click it!), and in helping you reframe your life in a way that’ll allow you to get in touch with your core self, stop masking and fawning, and live authentically and with agency.
We will use
from culture to guide us, and work our way up to and beyond.

Check out our page to learn more about our growing neurodivergent community. We have a and various community events - please join us!
A part of the framework I use in my coaching practice is that participation in a community of people who understand you is a basic requirement for mental health.
A large part of why so many of us struggle with the things we do is because we grew up without the validation that comes from simply sharing experiences with others.
The community component of this site is not an afterthought, it’s a part of the recovery process. Please just us!

Corporate Trainings and Retainers

Every company over a certain size (probably smaller than you think) employs neurodivergent people. Most Autistic people alive today are undiagnosed adults. Diagnosis doesn’t make these problems appear or disappear, and the process is fraught with bias anyway. What’s necessary is someone who understands that different people process differently, and the ways in which this can lead to unmet needs, confusing conflicts or invisible resentments.

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