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Let me help you remember the things you always knew about how to be.
Use the links on this page to book. If you can afford it, please book a full price session. If you can’t, feel free to pay what you can. And if you’re in crisis, just click the red button and let’s get you sorted.

Crisis Session

If you are in a bad place and need to figure out some immediate next steps to get out of it? Don’t worry about paying me, you can pay later if you want to - let’s get you out of danger.
Please do not hesitate to use this if you need it.
I am here to help, everything else I’m doing is in service to that. Reach out.

Standard 1:1 Session

Full Price Link

If (and ONLY if!) you can afford $200 without feeling it, please feel free to use this link. You’ll be asked to pay up-front. It’s a lot! The cost is a way for folks who have managed to parlay their neurotype into professional success to offset the cost of care for everyone else!

Pay What You Can

If you can’t pay full price that’s fine, and I really mean that! Please book a session using the free link below, and click the “Pay What You Want” button to associate a payment with it. Please only pay what you can afford - you’ll be forwarded to a Stripe donation page once you book.

Office Hours (Free, Donations Accepted!)

Finally, you can swing by weekly office hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm EST). For more information about that see the page!

Book a session now! Just a few housekeeping rules:

Office hours are free, and I encourage you to show up even to the orientation office hours whenever you’re feeling up for it. Having others there to help me greet newbies adds a whole new dimension to the process here.
Please do pay up to the requested amount if you can do so without really feeling it - but if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or worse and can’t afford it, please do come to some free office hours or community events, or reach out for a crisis session! See for more information about how I think about this stuff.
If you commit to a session, please do show up. Look, we’re all neurodivergent here, most of us struggle with executive function. That applies to me too. So if I am offering a way to book time with me, it’s really important to me that you show up at the time booked. I recommend setting some alarms and calendar events to remind yourself - I will leave the call if nobody is there after 5 minutes. You can feel free to reschedule, but please try to remember!
Note: if you’re in a position to fund coaching for a group of people (do you run a tech startup? let’s talk, you probably would benefit from my offerings!) you can use the form to reach out and talk about retainer rates for collective use. I love getting retainer clients, it makes everything else easier to predict.
You can use that form even if you’re not a corporation - that’s how you pay me to be available to your group, let’s chat.

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