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In our conversations we’ll often make use of multiple maps to navigate the territory of trauma recovery and personal thriving. One of the things we’re going to discover is that these problems aren’t new - that many people have found many ways to discuss them over the years, but that we don’t currently have a sort of canonical way to refer to this project.
In our coaching, we’ll identify a few maps that work for you. For instance, we may create D&D style character sheets to represents your various internal parts so you can realize that you’re not, like, the paladin - you’re the party.
We may discuss those works of art that have stuck out to you over the years because you didn’t understand why they were making you feel so many strange things. These are often highly specific guides to the exact insights that a part of you has been trying really hard to avoid having - so the work here isn’t just diving in, it’s understanding why we’re resisting, and creating a framework to allow this to become safe and liberatory.
We can look at spirituality or mythology, and the ways in which those stories have always been about dealing with what it means to be a person in the world. Hercules slaying the isn’t a story about hunting, you know? It’s a story about how and why to do .

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