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It's dangerous to go alone, take this!
All confirmed events will be on the page, which has zoom links. I am failing at calendar today, so I don’t have all the integrations working yet, but will shortly. In the meantime, to the !

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Weekly Community Call

Every Wednesday night at 7pm EST is our community call. This can take many forms - some weeks it’ll be structured, some weeks it’ll be ad hoc. Sometimes we’ll have presenters, sometimes it’ll be a discussion, sometimes it’ll just be me sharing stuff. The point is to get a group of people together for a regular conversation and start forming a community.

Office Hours

I offer two weekly Office Hours sessions. Please feel free to regularly attend both - the more the merrier! You don’t even have to speak or be observed, just be present.
Onboarding Office Hours: On Tuesday evenings, at 6pm EST, I’ll be offering an onboarding call for anyone curious about what we do here. This will basically be the content of the free 30 minute call I’ve been offering, but in batches. If you’re curious, start here.
Open Office Hours: On Thursday evenings, at 6pm EST, I’m going to be holding open office hours for anyone who wants to join. If you’re the only one who comes, hey, it’s a 1:1 session about whatever you want. If we get a group, we find a topic that everyone would benefit from or be able to contribute to.

Special Events

We’ll host a variety of special events as we get rolling. I’m thinking like a weekly community movie night, or a conversation about some topic of interest to everyone, or a book club, or whatever, right?
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